Resekortet - our travel card


When you travel with our buses and trains you can buy a single ticket, but the most favourable alternative is our Travel Card - Resekortet. The card has two functions; Discount and Period. You can use both functions or choose one - whatever suits your travels best. 


Resekortet Discount Card

  • Top up a Resekort Discount Card with (minimum) 100 SEK and it functions as a pay card. 
  • Resekortet is not tied to a person and has no time limit. 
  • Every time you use your card you will receive a 20 % discount on the regular fare. 
  • With the Discount Card you can also pay for several people. 
  • Is valid for bus journeys across county borders and on Öresundstågen on the Kalmar-Copenhagen route as well as on Krösatågen. 
On board the bus the card reader shows how much money that is available on your card. 

Resekortet Period Card

Resekortet Period Card is the best alternative if you travel the same route frequently. 
  • The card is charged for a period valid for an unlimited number of trips during 30 days. 
  • Can be purchased for trips by bus and/or train. 
  • Contains a number of pre-selected adjacent zones connected by bus or train routes. 
  • Can be purchased for city and regional bus transport as well as for Krösatågen and Öresundståg. 

Children/young adults receive a 20 % discount on the Period Card

When using the Period Card for children and young adults you have to show a valid ID card to confirm your age. 


Students receive a 20 % discount on the Period Card

When using the Student Period Card you have to show a valid Mecenat or Student card with the travelinglogo on, together with a valid ID card. The Student Period Card is valid for journeys within Kronoberg County and for commuting by train to Kalmar. 
This is how the travelinglogo looks like:

Resekortet Train Period Card

The Train Period Travel Card is valid within the county and also for bus journeys on the same route. This card is also valid on bus line 123 between Älmhult and Växjö. 

Resekortet County Period Card

The County Period Card applies to journeys throughout Kronoberg County. The card also entitles travellers to use city buses in Växjö and Älmhult.

Journeys across county boundaries by the Period Travel Card

When travelling by bus and train across the county borders to and from Halland, Skåne, Jönköping and Blekinge the Period Travel Card can be combined with zones in adjacent counties, for example Ljungby-Halmstad. 

Note! Resekort card top-ups must be activated in your own County! 

Resekortet Period Card for train

The Train Period Card also applies to bus transport within the zones chosen. 

Annual season ticket for buses and trains 

The annual season card is our best offer for everyone travelling with us regularly. The price corresponds to a 9.5 period card. Thus you get 2.5 months extra with your annual season ticket. All annual season tickets are covered by a loss guarantee. These cards are sold only by our Customer Centre at Växjö station.  

Pending time 

When you have bought a new Resekort or charged it for the current period, the card is automatically activated when you make your first journey. This means that you choose when to validate the card. 

Inspection receipt

When traveling with your Resekort Period Card you must always carry an inspection receipt, which shows the validity period for your card.